Rendering of the bookstore's entrance. Rhino/V-Ray/Photoshop

For my thesis project at the University of Cincinnati, I designed a retail space focusing on showcasing various forms of creativity in Cincinnati. By providing an extra layer to the shopping experience through programming, this bookstore adapts to modern shopping and retail trends. 
Bookstores represent the branch of retail that is most vulnerable as online shopping becomes increasingly popular. When competing with Amazon, a physical bookstore cannot win in pricing, variety in selection, or convenience. In order to encourage customers to shop in-store, bookstores have to adapt to the demand of the modern shopper, who is constantly looking for stimulation. It has to rely on things that can only be done in a physical location: ambiance, programming, and a curated selection. With this project, I tried to achieve a retail space where the customer goes to find out what they want to buy, instead of already having something in mind and trying to find the cheapest, most convenient way to purchase it. 
At the center of this experience is the promotion of local arts and culture through the theme of creativity. The store spotlights creative writing and creative crafts, with a curated selection of books and merchandise, as well as events and programming around the theme. The goal of this project is to provide a well-curated experience, that encourages in-store shopping and keeps customers coming back.
I had a lot of fun working on a project with no restrictions on timeline or budget, and enjoyed the chance to explore a concept, aesthetic, presentation and software on my own terms.

SCOPE: concept development, 3D modeling and rendering, construction drawings, presentation

Rendering of retail display fixtures, showcasing movable shelves, nesting tables and magazine stand. Rhino/V-Ray/Photoshop

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